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How quick are your reflexes? Grapple Knight is a fast paced 2D platformer that is currently in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Alongside a retro inspired artstyle and soundtrack, Grapple Knight seeks to challenge players to use quick combinations of slides, grapples, and attacks as you guide the hero through a myriad of environments and enemies. A demo is available for play and feedback is most appreciated! Red Knight Games is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Grapple Knight and is currently sitting a little over 50% with 19 days to go.


An evil Alchemist has claimed the Kingdom, and it's up to our hero, Jouren, to break his tyranny. The Alchemist's control runs deep, with now dangerous environments and full of twisted creatures that will stand in Jouren's way. He won't be alone on his adventure, as he takes up the mantle of Stroud, a once proud knight that fell at the hands of the Alchemist. As Stroud bestows onto Jouren newly granted magic abilities, he makes his journey for the Alchemist. The player will guide Jouren, sliding and grappling through the environments at fast speeds, and cutting down his foes along the way; increasing Jouren's abilities and strength, ready to take on the Alchemist.


  • Take on a quest to restore peace to the lands using the spirit grapple bestowed by Stroud to swing, grab and zip through environments!
  • Defeat monsters that stand in the way, using your spirit weapons and abilities.
  • Uncover the tombs of Stroud’s fellow knights as they seek to aid Jouren by bestowing you with new powers.
  • Down the Alchemist's toughest creations, gaining special abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas.
  • Empower Jouren on his journey as he transforms from a common man to a knight of legend!
  • Enjoy challenging retro inspired gameplay, along with chiptune sounds, and authentic pixel art!
  • Windows, Mac and Linux versions with Gamepad support.


Grapple Knight Kickstarter Video YouTube, Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    • "Winner of the Playstation Indie Game Showcase." iFest Sydney - Indie Game Festival, 8 July, 2012

    Selected Articles

      • "...it's basically like a new MegaMan game without any of the Capcom trolling antics"
        - William Usher, Cinema Blend

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