Grapple Knight -Supanova 2013- Development Build

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**Click to Download**

To play the game locally, click the image above to download the PC version or download the Mac version here 😉

It’s been a while since we last updated but that’s not to say that we haven’t been busy. This is the version of Grapple Knight that we took to Supanova this year plus quite a few bug fixes. Changes include a newly added slide ability, fleshed out perks, new levels, a tutorial, a boss battle and new enemies.

Since our last update to this build we have also added quite a few things such as music for the boss battle and enemy sounds for the chickens, we also rebalanced the health and health item drops considering that the checkpoint system still needs to be implemented, all in all anybody who played this demo at Supanova will agree that this is a much tighter experience.

The game can also be played in fullscreen, we recommend the following settings;
[important]Full Screen
Pixel Size x3[/important]

If you would like to play the game with your PS3 controller then please download the latest motion joy driver here then follow the installation instructions here and there is also a tutorial video here. Once you are all done just make sure the controller is set to emulate an Xbox controller and you will be all set.

[important]                                                XBOX                               PS3
Jump =                                      A                                      X
Attack =                                      X                                     [  ] Grapple hook =                       RB                                  R1
Pause Game =                      Start                               Start
Perk Menu =                           Back                             Select
D-pad and Analog stick to move around and aim grapple hook[/important]

Play as Jouren as you take up the mantle of a fallen knight to journey through a myriad of environments and battle hordes of twisted creatures to prevent the evil alchemist Malefern from unleashing further terror upon your homeland. Grapple Knight is a momentum based, action platformer that pays homage to the games of the late 80’s and early 90’s that Red Knight Games grew up with.

If you’ve got any feedback or suggestions for us we’d love to hear from you! But why should we keep your suggestions all to ourselves? We have decided to do away with the old feedback form and ask that if you have anything you might want to say about this particular build of the game, post a comment below! That way we can get the whole community involved where we all work together to make each iteration of the game way better than the last. It also means that we stay completely transparent as to what we want to do with the game 😉