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Grapple Knight – Level 2 Cave Music

Because Ed Fokkema is a machine we now have this awesomely chilled yet threatening (if that combo even exists) cave level music for Grapple Knight. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Screens from the new Grapple Knight

After some strong criticisms we decided to do a complete redesign of the games art styles and processes to create a more unified look, what does everyone think of our new style?

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Grapple Knight Debut Trailer

The debut trailer for Grapple Knight that we made for showing at EB Expo 2012.

Grapple Knight Screens

Here is our first development gallery for Grapple Knight, we will update it with new images as our development progresses!

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Grapple Knight Stage 1 Music Revamp

We were getting told that we had a little too much bass in the last track and that it was a little too repetitive so we had our amazing sound guy Ed Fokkema work his magic on yet another iteration

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Grapple Knight Music

Check out some of our work in progress tunes by our talented sound designer, Ed Fokkema!

This one is the first iteration for the stage 1 music.

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