Grapple KnightHey there, welcome to Red Knight Games, sorry about the mess, we’re still getting things sorted, but we’ll eventually get there with a cleaner, leaner website!

We are a newly formed indie game development company based in Sydney, Australia, founded at the start of 2012.

Our motto, “No Barriers, just Power Ups” means that when we make something (be it games or otherwise) we want to make it as easy as possible for our target market to pick up and play. We want to create experiences for the player/user that make them feel good to play, anything that will help a player reach that fun point of an application/game sooner rather than later.

One of our biggest influences is the classic era of games: the 80’s and 90’s. These were the generation of games our team grew up on and the methodologies and techniques they employed to help a player get into it without anything obstrusive is what we want to take inspiriation from with our products.

That being said, all the classic retro and nostalgic games we used to play growing up we don’t really see a lot of these days. One of our core goals with this company is to bring back these games with our own flair and style, whilst still inciting that sense of nostalgia. So please, stick around because 2012 and beyond is our journey to success! (or failure… /okay.jpg)

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After all… we’re making these games not just for us, but for you too <3